10 of the Craziest Things That Ever Happened at the Teen Choice Awards

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The 2018 Teen Choice Awards are just a few short hours away and we couldn’t be more excited! When you pack a bunch of crazy, dramatic, adrenaline-filled teen actors into one room, you know there’s bound to be some trouble. Honestly, what would the TCAs even be without some added unexpected crazy moments??

Over the years, the award show has given us a ton of great performances, memorable speeches and overall good times. But on occasion, a celebrity or two rebel a bit and do something totally crazy; something we were not expecting at all! We’ll never forget the time Miley Cyrus started pole dancing during a performance (this should have a been a sign for what was to come, now that we think about it) or when the entire room was filled with people twerking (including our bae Harry Styles). Needless to say, the Teen Choice Awards are a whole lot of fun and we’re excited (and a little nervous, TBH) to see what happens this year.

So what are some of the craziest things to ever happen to at the TCAs? Here are 10 moments that will leave you SHOOK: