10 Celeb Rumors We’re SO Glad Aren’t True

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The bad news: We’ve heard some pretty crazy stuff lately about our fave celebs — we’re talking television cancellations, horrible breakups, and rehab stinks. The good news: Looks like they’re all rumors! Boy, are we glad they aren’t true!

(We’d have added Snooki not being pregnant, but what can you do. Mazel tov, Snooks!)

So what should we celebrate not happening? Drumroll please for the 10 best rumors that are, well, just rumors…

10. Miley Cyrus is Out of Control
According to Star Magazine, Miley is “wilder than ever,” with friends even being concerned that she’s cheating on boyfriend Liam Hemsworth! But not only is it not true — Miley and Liam are perhaps the happiest they’ve ever been!

Just Jared Jr.

9. The Graduating Gleeks Won’t Return
Contrary to rumor, senior Gleeks Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer won’t be leaving the series! Once a proposed spinoff didn’t take off, we began to get nervous. but now we’re singing a different tune!

Warner Brothers

8. The Jonas Brothers are Breaking Up
Don’t fret — the only thing breaking up here is this rumor! Back in August 2011, Joe Jonas stressed that nothing could break up this family act, and that he could even see the trio going on tour again soon. Looks like the offer still stands, Nick and Kevin!


7. Russell Brand Wants Half of Katy Perry’s Money
We seriously mourned the loss of this celeb couple (and imagine our shock to hear that the usually zen Rusty had gone all, “What have you done for me lately?” on Katy!). In fact, the divorce was amicable — well, as amicable as it could be. Russell did the good-guy thing and left with only his own assets, not Katy’s. But we don’t doubt that My Booky Wook 3 will have a few juicy tidbits about the endeavor…


 6. Adele Will Never Sing Again
Oh Adele, we wish we knew how to quit you. Luckily, we won’t have to! Although Adele feared that she would be unable to sing again after undergoing throat surgery last year, it appears all for naught, as she’s already begun recording her next album! Wonder what her new boyfriend thinks about that.

Splash News

 5. Nicki Minaj is a Violent Mess
When Nicki’s housekeeper showed up to her home after being terminated, rumors swirled that Her Minajesty had gotten into an altercation with her former employee. Turns out, it was Nicki’s boyfriend who was to blame! With no arrests made and the situation settled, we’re glad that this rumor is Super un-Based.

Nicki Minaj Mad, Angry, Violent


 4. Beyonce Prevented Families from Seeing Their Babies in the Hospital
When Beyonce gave birth to baby Blue Ivy earlier this year, security was thought to have been a little too tight. Several NYC families alleged that when they went to Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital to visit their newborn babies that Beyonce’s security team made them wait for Beyonce’s sake. The hospital has denied knowledge of these events. We can’t imagine Jay-Z and Beyonce giving those orders, so uh, your move, Lenox Hill?

US Magazine

3. Demi Lovato is Back in Rehab
When rumors surfaced that Demi was again having substance abuse issues, we. were. shocked. But when it came to light that it was instead Demi Moore who had checked into rehab, the tabloids’ confusion made sense. And while some things are funny, in all seriousness: We wish D.M. a healthy recovery, and much continued success to D.L. with hers.


2. Rihanna and Chris Brown are Back Together
Um, no. After their well-documented fight and subsequent breakup, we hoped we’d never hear of these two former flames re-igniting their fire. But while RiRi and Chris have reconnected as friends, the only partnering that they’re doing is guesting on each others’ latest singles. Let’s keep it strictly professional, you two.

Gossip Cop

 1. Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena Gomez… and Now He’s a Father!
Once news of Mariah Yeater’s alleged backstage romp with the Biebs broke last year, we thought we had the tabloid scandal of the year on our hands. Could he have broken his vow of chastity and fathered her son? How could he do that to Selena?! Except that Justin didn’t. Once Yeater learned about the public backlash, she dropped her paternity suit. But that was a close one.

Which of these rumors is the most ridic? Which one are you happiest that it’s not actually true? Think there are a few more rumors we could squash? Sound off below!

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