10 Celeb Couples We Can’t Help But Miss

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What better than one adorable celeb? An adorable celeb couple, of course! We’ve laughed with them, cried with them — in fact, we thought these couples would last forever. (Forever just happened to be a tad shorter than anticipated.) F’real, people break up and move on, and we have, too…  sorta.

But we can’t even deny that we’re still hardcore grieving the loss of…

 10. Lucy Hale and David Henrie
After mastering the art of magic on Wizards of Waverly Place, we were bummed to hear that the spell these two had cast on each other didn’t take.


9. Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer
Truly, do any two in H-Town give better smolder? But while their chemistry heated up while filming I Am Number Four, it seems these two lovebirds simply cooled off long-term. And now he’s engaged to someone else!


8. Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo
This High School Musical couple may have danced out its end, but The Tiz and Jared were strikingly normal and seemingly inseparable. Maybe these two just decided it was time to learn some new moves.


7. Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles
It’s hard to be in a long-distance relationship — especially when one half of it is an international pop icon!
And while we loved their go-karting, horse-riding, and candy-eating antics, these old-time friends split before Selena Gomez was even on ‘The Scene’.


6. Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet
Trouty Mouth and Julia’s Niece were always game for fun in the sun — but their recent break up definitely made our days a more than a bit under the weather.

Just Jared Jr.

 5. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley
It was the Gossip Girl pairing we waited for, then disliked, then waited for again, then… okay, you know what we mean! But even when Dan and Serena got tired of dating, luckily, Blake and Penn continued to woo each other for two more years.


  4. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner
We heart that Taylor Squared met while filming Valentine’s Day, but hate that their romance sadly fizzled before even reaching box-office glory.


3. Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas
Niley had a love that couldn’t be tamed.
But despite Miley’s song “7 Things” supposedly being about Nick, don’t we all still think there’s something there?


2. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
Jemi tried to say no, but once these former Camp Rock co-stars connected, they were the always the red carpet’s cutest couple. But! These two recently reunited for a photoshoot, so could there be another upcoming joint venture?


1. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron
The gasps were audible the day Zanessa split. After graduating from the HSM franchise, these two also graduated from each other after — what else? — four years.

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We know we couldn’t get them all, but which celeb couple do you wish would give their love another go? Which breakup is the most heartbreaking? Comments time!

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