6 Teen Celebrities Who Dated Stars Who are 10+ Years Their Senior

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It seems like just about every week, a new celebrity couple gets together while another one falls apart. And while it remains unclear why just about every young Hollywood couple eventually splits, what is clear is that by the time their next relationship comes around, they seem to go for the exact opposite of their “type.”

While some celebs decide they’re going to date someone taller or ~more famous~, others believe that age is the reason that their relationships are failing in the first place. The next time around, they seem to go after celebs who are way older. More often than not, it turns out the two are incompatible, regardless of their age, but that’s neither here nor there.

Our suggestion? Maybe try dating out of the celebrity circle! *wink wink* Harry Styles. Seriously… we’ll be waiting! But until then, here’s our list of celebrities who dated other stars 10+ years older than they are… when they were still in their teens!