Brighten Your Day with 5 Videos of Celebrities Laughing

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Sometimes when you see someone laugh, you just can’t help but laugh along! It’s like, a proven fact or something, right? Okay, even if it’s not, whenever we see someone dealing with a serious laugh-attack (like these babies!), it doesn’t matter what kind of a day we’re having — we just have to LOL with ‘em! So, what better way to brighten your day than with five videos of your fave celebs taking laughter to a whole other level? DISCLAIMER: We’re not responsible for any side-splitting or cheek-hurting that may occur in the process.  Now, read on…

Miley Cyrus
So cute. So innocent. Those were the days.

Emma Watson
Hey, sometimes you just can’t avoid a case of the giggles!

Demi Lovato
If Demi is known for one thing other than singing, it’s def for her contagious cackle! Watch the cuteness in this vintage vid:

Selena Gomez
We wonder if Justin <3’s her laugh as much as we do…

Lea Michele
Thank you, Chris Colfer!

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