Casting Call: Our Fave Teen Celebs As Our Fave Classic Characters

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Ever go see a movie with your BFFs and take on the role of backseat casting director? Where you try and imagine who might’ve been a better choice for certain roles? Come on, I know I’m not the only one! And when it comes to iconic movie roles like James Bond or Princess Leia, wouldn’t it be fun to imagine who could play them if they were made now and if they were part of our world, aka Teen universe?

Check out this time machine casting spin on some of Hollywood’s most famous roles. And make sure to tell us if you agree!

Robert Pattinson as James Bond
He’s a mysterious Brit who can charm the ladies and outwit the bad guys. Sounds like RPattz to me. And just imagine how hot he’d look in a tux holding a martini. Cheerio!

Robert Pattinson James Bond

Ashley Benson as Carrie Bradshaw
She’s smart, sexy, funny and gives great fashion advice. I can almost hear her SATC voiceovers already “…Which makes me wonder, is life just one big high school cafeteria, where the first place we sit measures who we are forever?”

Ashley Benson Carrie Bradshaw

Taylor Lautner as Rocky Balboa
We’ve all witnessed Taylor transform his body over the years and that’s what Rocky is all about. The eye of the wolf… uh, um… tiger. You know what I mean.

Taylor Lautner Rocky Balboa

Chris Hemsworth as Maximus Decimus Meridius
The tough-yet-sensitive Maximus is a true warrior, and who better to play a warrior than Thor himself?


Katy Perry as Mary Poppins
She sings, she dances and kids love her. Katy is a natural to take on this role. And we all know some of Katy’s favorite things are sugar and kittens. That movie was written for her!

Katy Perry Mary Poppins

Kristen Stewart as Ellen Ripley
Bella always had a plan. It didn’t always work, but she never stopped fighting, just like Ripley. And for Ripley, smiling is totally optional. You know Kristen will love that.

Kristen Stewart Ellen Ripley

Selena Gomez as Princess Leia
Spunky, smart and independent, Leia was a beloved leader who didn’t take any guff. Selena speaks her mind and keeps her cool with the paps. No brainer!

Selena Gomez Princess Leia

Ian Somerhalder as John McClane
Ian was born to play this role. Funny? Check. Hot? Hello. Ready to kick butt? We’ve all seen those abs. I’m already writing the script to the next Die Hard in my head.

Ian Somerhalder John McClane

What do you think of my casting calls? Think you could’ve done any better? Tell it like it is in the comments!

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