Teen.com Endorses: Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey Series is the Next Twilight

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With some of our past favorite reads (Twilight, Potter) finishing out at the box office soon, it got us thinking about the next book series we’d want to hit the big screen. After all — the world first got its Robert, Kristen, and Taylor thanks to a little series by Stephenie Meyer.

And we think we’ve found the next crossover hit…

Our vote’s for Julie Kagawa‘s Iron Fey series – about a girl who finds herself in the middle of a fairy war (the third book, The Iron Queen just hit shelves!). As for casting Meghan, the book’s main character, we’d go with the super cute Hailee Steinfeld: Something tells us she’d make the perfect little fairy!

So, which book-to-big-screen movie would you like to see made? Who would you cast as the characters? Comment below!