We Interviewed Team StarKid… AGAIN! Oh, And We Met Darren Criss. NBD.

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Team StarKid Interview

Chris Dzombak

The S.P.A.C.E. Tour’s over. Wah! Fortch for you guys (and us!), we hung out with Team StarKid before all of their NYC shows — that’s two days of StarKid goodness! — met Harry freakin’ Potter himself, Darren Criss(!!!), and got to interview Lauren, Joe, Joey, Meredith, Jaime Lyn, Dylan and Brian again before the end of their tour. Huzzah! So if you’re prepped for the longest-yet-funniest interview you’ll ever read in your life, we’ve got it for ya right here.

P.S. There may or may not be a Team StarKid documentary in the works. Just sayin’.

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Teen: What are the main qualities of a StarKid?

Brian Holden: Fun.

Meredith Stepien: Silly!

Brian: Love. Friendship.

Lauren Lopez: Popcorn!

Brian: I think teamwork, disorganization. Pushing through that disorganization to try and arrive at a product.

Dylan Saunders: Organized procrastination.

Joe Walker: Focused chaos.

Teen: Looking back, how would you describe your S.P.A.C.E. Tour experiences?

Meredith: Best thing that’s ever happened.

Joe: It’s been a real learning experience. I think that we’ve really grown as a performing unit. You know, we haven’t done any long-run shows. Except for Starship. Also, we’re all singing more than usual.

Brian: We might have actually become better performers. I think it’s good for everybody. You guys, us. Everybody’s winning.

Jaime Lyn Beatty: We haven’t had any fights. The only fight was over food. It was stolen.

Joe: Lauren and I got into a fight over a bag of ribs. They were good ribs. They were worth waiting for.

Jaime Lyn: The girls fought when the guys watched the movie Beastly. [Back to good experiences] There were a lot of tickle trains and back scratch trains.

Dylan: It’s been fun. It was an experiment on a lot of levels and now we know we can do it, so we’re excited for the next one. Hopefully there’s a next one. Before it was the S.P.A.C.E. Tour, we were thinking about calling it the First Annual Farewell Tour.

Joe: I wish we had. Because then we could have a Second Annual one within the same year.

Joey Richter: The second one should be the First Annual Reunion Tour, so it’s the F.A.R.T. tour.

Brian: That made it very far through the vetting process.

Joe: It was this close.

Chris Dzombak

Teen: Can you each tell us a secret about yourself?

Jaime Lyn: Didn’t we figure [this] out?

Joe: Yeah, telling secrets is fun because you’re actually telling the truth. :laughs:

Dylan: My grandma was a journalist.

Meredith: I’m pregnant! AH!

Joey: I’m pregnant.

Teen: Do you feel pressured or supported by the StarKid (fan) community?

Lauren: Supported!

Brian: I feel both, for sure. There is sort of a pressure… Not a pressure, but almost an obligation to the fans. They’ve done a lot, literally, they’ve reshaped the way I thought my life was gonna go. So we do feel pressure and an obligation to keep doing content, but it’s what we wanna do, so it’s not a bad pressure. The only pressure is time pressure, but that’s when you get creative.

Teen: What do you all do in your downtime while touring?

Joey: I went to the girl who runs my Joey Richter Army Twitter (@JoeyRichterArmy), I went to her birthday party in Long Island last night. She had pizza and brownies, it was amazing.

Chris Dzombak

Teen: Are you going to tour again anytime soon? And where?

Lauren: Yes, tomorrow.

Brian: I don’t know when, but we’ll probably do the west coast. We’ve joked and talked and not joked about doing London and maybe Australia or something.

Joe: I’m holding out for Brazil.

Lauren: We’d love to go international because we have such an incredible international fanbase.

Joe: We just need to figure out how to get our buses over to Australia.

Joey: Yeah, we’ll travel by map. [The Muppets reference]

Joe: I’d like to go to Siberia.

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