Team StarKid Dishes On Their Tour, “The Best Hookups” and Founder Darren Criss! (Exclusive Interview)

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Team StarKidThis is big for us, you guys. We know you’re all avid Darren Criss fans because, c’mon, he’s probs your fave Glee character. But before he skyrocketed to stardom, he was a supermegafoxyawesomehot member of Team StarKid. And we got the chance to interview, like, half of ’em! (We say that ’cause there’s 20+ members. Whoa.) Not only did they dish on their upcoming tour — which starts today! — and the real Harry Potter cast, but they also picked out who’s the hottest member. (FYI, no one chose Darren!)

Get the scoop!

Teen: Ok, so what’s your music sound like?

Joey Richter: It’s a delicate mix between show-tunes, pop-rock, pop-punk, and just plain pop. It tends to vary. Both AJ and Darren have written some very pretty musical theater ballads and duets. AJ has also provided some more classical show-tunes that set a real nice tone to certain shows/scenes. And Darren has a more modern pop sensibility to his songs. They each bring a nice balance of songwriting styles to the table, so StarKid can’t really be placed in a certain category.

Jaime Lyn Beatty: Some fun adjectives (that may or may not be real words) to describe our music are: Catchy, Poppy! Disney-esqe! Fun! Boppy! And really profound existential ballads.

Brian Holden:  I would describe the “genre” as hearty laugh music.

Team StarKid

Teen: Love it! What would you say is your most successful YouTube video?

Joseph Walker: Definitely A Very Potter Musical.

Joey: Well, if you look at the view counts, it’s clearly A Very Potter Musical, specifically Act 1 Part 1. That was the video that skyrocketed us into success with both the Harry Potter fandom and YouTube in general. We owe a lot to that first number (“Going Back to Hogwarts”). It really is a breakthrough hit.

Team StarKid

Teen: Will there be a third installment to A Very Potter Musical?

Brian: Yes. In our lifetime…?

Joseph: Eventually we hope to do a third and final installment, but scheduling has proven to be complicated.

Joey: The pieces need to fall into place for it to happen. Getting everyone back together at the same time in the same place is a difficult thing with everyone’s schedules at this point. But when that moment is possible, we’ll jump on it.

Team StarKid

Teen: Why is your upcoming tour titled The S.P.A.C.E. Tour?

Joseph: We spent too long trying to come up with acronyms like PUMICE or FART and ended up wasting a week. So one of us just decided on it and we kept it. Plus, the description is fairly accurate.

Joey: The acronym actually stands for the StarKid Precarious Auditory Concert Experience. The word “precarious” is humorously used because it seems to describe our group’s process really well. And the rest… well, it’s just literally what a concert is. An auditory experience. And we’re fascinated with space. And we’re a bunch of smart-asses.

Jaime Lyn: Also we never got a chance to attend Space Camp.

Team StarKid

Teen: Darren Criss and Charlene Kaye are joining you on some of your tour dates. Will anyone else come along to surprise us?

Meredith Stepien: I hope so!!

Lauren Lopez: My parents will be showing up at some point.

Joey: George Watsky will be joining us in Silver Spring. He’s an amazing beat poet, rapper, friend. And the Gregory Brothers will be joining us for our final show in New York at the Gramercy! We couldn’t be more excited. We love them all so much.

Teen: What songs will you be performing? Can we expect songs from your previous tours :cough cough: Pigfarts?

Joseph: There will be songs from ALL of the StarKid shows, and more than that I cannot say. What I can say is that the arrangements have been redone by our fearless music director “Cool” Clark Baxtresser, who has breathed new life into some familiar favorites.

Joey: Everyone will be immensely pleased I think.

Teen: StarKids already want to know if you’re planning another tour after this one…

Lauren: It depends on if we survive this one! We’d love to go international next time!

Jaime Lyn: Once we’ve conquered S.P.A.C.E. I think it’s only natural that we begin The OCEAN Tour! This way we can explore that vast underwater frontier! It would also be so much fun to go to Europe or Australia though…

Team StarKid

Teen: Who would you say is the most “supermegafoxyawesomehot” member of the group?

Meredith: Clark Baxtresser!

Lauren: Clark

Joseph: Oh. Definitely Clark.

Brian: Clark, for sure.

Joey: I’m not sure if anyone really captures all five of those descriptions in one. We all bring a little “super”, a little “mega”, a little “foxy”, a little “awesome”, and a little “hot” to the equation. The team as a whole really fits the Supermegafoxyawesomehot profile.

Teen: Have there ever been any inter-StarKid hookups?

Joey: I’ve kissed everyone on the cheek at least once.

Brian: We hook up all the time. It’s easy and we’re all friends who love each other. I try and hook up with everyone as often and in as many different places as possible. It keeps it fun, ya know? I’ll call Meredith and say, ‘Wanna hook up for a bike ride?’ or Lauren and I will hook up at Trader Joe’s. I hook up with Joe and Dylan all the time. We hook up at restaurants, movies, sporting events. They’re the best to hook up with ‘cause they’re just down for anything. In fact, we’re all gonna hook up at a party tonight. Should be fun.

Team StarKid

Teen: A bunch of Team StarKid fans discovered our site after we (foolishly) compared Darren in a gray tee to Justin Bieber in a gray tee. But if we just had to compare style amongst all of you, who has the best fashion sense?

Meredith: Mark Swiderski.

Brian: Matt Lang, for sure.

Joseph: I personally think I do, but that’s why I wear what I wear and not what other people wear. It also sounds self-centered. Darren dresses well… but he also has free clothes given to him by designer labels, so that’s clearly cheating.

Joey: Zac Efron. [Editor’s Note: No, he’s not actually in it.]

Team StarKid


Teen: Who from the real Harry Potter cast have you actually met?

Joseph: Does J.K. Rowling count? If yes… then her.

Joey: I actually had the honor of meeting Rupert Grint and Tom Felton at the Teen Choice Awards this past year with Darren. We had a pretty nice chat with both of them. They’re great guys. We practically stalked Rupert so we could get a picture. Also, this past summer at Leaky Con we had the pleasure of becoming friends with Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Scarlett Byrne (Pansy Parkinson). They are the sweetest people ever and we’ve kept in contact since! We all just clicked with both of them. Very thankful to have them as friends now!

Teen: @Ellerella writes: I’m a drama student, and a group of friends and I are currently attempting to write a musical. Any tips?

Brian: Ask yourself, “Am I good enough?” if you find the answer is no, give up. [Editor’s Note: Def sarcastic. No worries!]

Meredith: Don’t be afraid to be silly with it!

Jaime Lyn: Don’t forget to have fun and wear a helmet.

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