2 Weeks After Her BFF Comes Out as Bi, YouTuber Admits to Kissing Another Girl

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Exactly two weeks ago, YouTube star Eva Gutowski publicly came out as bisexual saying, “I am ready for myself to fall in love with someone, no matter who they end up being, and have been since I was 12. Boy or girl.” Now, her fellow YouTuber and best friend, Teala Dunn, might be hinting that she also feels the same.

For the past few days, the 19-year-old has been tweeting about how 2016 was a rough year for her in the love department, and then admitted that once smooched her BFF Meredith Foster, which was better than kissing any boy.

Eva seconded that statement, revealing that she’s also kissed the 20-year-old in the past.

While the news that Eva, Meredith and Teala have all kissed in the past may seem super shocking, diehard fans of the girls know that they’re really close, and love to make jokes and play around with their followers. Not saying that they didn’t actually lock lips at one point or another, but we’re almost pos we won’t be seeing a legit ~relationship~ any time soon.


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