Teala Dunn Has Been Secretly Dating Boyfriend Luke Toniolo for MONTHS

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When YouTube stars post videos titled “MEET MY BOYFRIEND,” we immediately become skeptical ’cause, ya know, the ever-popular clickbait trend. Teala Dunn, however, was NOT kidding when she uploaded a vlog with that very title.

Not only did the 21-year-old shock viewers by introducing them to her boyfriend, Luke Toniolo, but she also dropped the bomb that she has been secretly dating him for five months.

“I’ve been talking to this guy for a really long time; we’ve been dating, talking for five months now,” she explained in the vlog posted yesterday.

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Luke is an Australian model, so when he flew into Los Angeles the YouTuber was able to surprise him to VIP Coachella tickets for this weekend…NBD or anything, though.

Teala decided not to let her viewers in on her relationship at the very beginning because of what happened with her past BF, Alex Valley.

“I’ve been keeping it on the DL [because] I learned my lesson with my past relationship,” she said.

The brunette started dating the 22-year-old in 2016 and was super open about her feelings about him from the very beginning. While that was fine and dandy for a while, things took a turn for the worse when they broke up few months later.

“It just really sucks that sometimes people just change and people don’t feel the same way you do,” she told fans in an emotional vlog last year. “You can’t plan stuff like that. […] I just don’t get how people can switch so quickly. I still care and I still want the best for people even if they do me wrong, or aren’t in my life.”

Coachella kicked off today, so we’re sure we’ll get TONS of adorable pics of the new(ish) couple!