The 13 Most Annoying Taylor Swift Moments of 2015

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Taylor Swift: Talented. Beautiful. Kindhearted. Now that that’s out of the way, can we finally acknowledge that the girl can be a bit annoying at times? Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love us some Taylor Swift. KEYWORD: Some. But the whole “I’m just an everyday girl who loves cats and hangs out with supermodels” persona can be downright irritating. And do we even have to mention the “OMG I’m so surprised” act every time she wins an award? Ugh.

We’re not the only ones who’ve grown a bit fatigued with Tay. Miley Cyrus totally dissed Taylor in a September 2015 interview, suggesting that she isn’t that great of a role model. She’s also slammed Tay’s girl squad, saying, “I’m not trying to be in the ‘squad.’ None of my friends are famous… I just like real people who are living real lives.” Meanwhile, Katy Perry has maintained her long-standing feud with Tay, tweeting that while Tay preaches that women should help women, she made a whole music video about taking down Katy. (Solid point, K.) Oh, and a feminist icon wrote an essay about why Taylor is a “blonde Nazi.”

Tay, you had some MAJOR high points in 2015, but you also managed to tick off a lot of people. Below are the top 13 — Taylor’s favorite number, obviously — annoying T-Swift moments of the year:

1. When she picked a fight with Nicki Minaj when Nicki was making a statement about racism in the entertainment industry. Just before the VMAs, Nicki tweeted some biting words about the racial politics of Hollywood. She didn’t call Taylor out by name, but Tay was quick to jump on the defensive anyway. After a whole debacle, she eventually apologized to Nicki. Unfortunately, in the mess of the celeb feud, Nicki’s whole initial point about racism was lost. Instead, it became all about Taylor, because it always is.

2. …only to perform with Nicki at the VMAs. Seriously?! We understand Tay wanted to put the feud to rest, but the best way to demonstrate an apology would have been to let Nicki have her own moment. Instead, Taylor appeared on stage in the middle of Nicki’s opening performance, turning it into a duet. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself if Nicki actually liked this idea. (Our opinion? She doesn’t look thrilled.)

3. Pressuring Jay-Z and Beyonce to do brunch with her. Not everyone is into brunch. We know it sounds like blasphemy, but it’s the truth, apparently. During the Grammys, Tay was caught on camera chatting with Jay-Z and Kanye West. Although there’s no audio, some savvy viewers pieced together that toward the end of their conversation, Tay repeatedly tells Jay that she wants to do brunch, which he seems meh about. Let him be, girl.

4. The time she refused to confirm or deny that “Out of the Woods” is about Harry Styles. Taylor, you can’t keep pretending that you have sooo much respect for your exes’ privacies. If you’re going to have super-public relationships and then write songs about all of them — John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, whoever — at least humor us by matching the song to the correct guy.

5. All that time she spent promoting the “Bad Blood” music video… for almost a full month leading up to its release! Taylor’s own Swifties got annoyed with this one. Yes, “Bad Blood” was fun, but the promo blitz was so over-the-top that by the time it premiered, we were already over it.

6. Trying to trademark 1989. Tay is currently in the process of attempting to trademark the number 1989. Which is a year. A year in which many, MANY people were born, well before she was. (Seriously, she spent less than 20 days in the year.) She’s also trying to trademark the phrase “blank space,” which is also ridiculous. She may have the most luck with trademarking “Swiftmas.” That’s fine. Unnecessary, but fine. W/e.

7. Her intro speech for Kanye West’s award at the VMAs. As everyone knows, back in 2009, Kanye dissed Taylor at the VMAs. And NOW it has to be a big, glorified event to repair the relationship. So Taylor is up there talking about how one of her first iTunes purchases ever was one of Kanye’s albums, and you can tell Kanye is just like, “Why is this b**** doing my intro?” She then tries to replicate Kanye’s infamous “Imma let you finish” interruption, but it’s just awkward.

8. When she reached 50 million followers on Instagram and tweeted about it, like, “It’s just because my cats are so cute!” Yeah, Taylor, we all have cute pets. Your pets aren’t 50-million-followers cute.

With every passing day, Olivia looks less like a cat and more like a melting snowman. Happy #NationalCatDay

9. Her appearance on the SNL40 sketch “The Californians.” Did Valentine’s Day teach us nothing? Taylor Swift is not an actress. The girl just doesn’t have it in her. It’s okay! Not everybody can act! (Remember One Direction on iCarly? *cough*) But please, Taylor, just, you know — don’t make us suffer through your acting.

10. When she won both Top 200 Artist AND Top 100 Artist at the Billboard Awards. Logistically, why was she even nominated for both awards? If she wins Top 100, doesn’t she automatically win Top 200? This seems like a bad system.

11. When she paraded a bizarre assortment of celebrities across the stage during various stops on the 1989 tour. It was cute when Tay’s real-life BFFs, like Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne, popped up. But do we really think the primarily-teen/preteen audience appreciated Mick Jagger and Mary J. Blige? It just felt like an ongoing effort to prove that Taylor Swift is friends with everybody.

12. When she wouldn’t put her music on Spotify. The whole issue with paying artists fairly is a legitimate concern. However, tons of artists happily stream their music on Spotify, and nobody seems to have complaints. The CEO of Spotify said in September 2015 that the Taylor drama was a big win for his company, saying that it was great publicity for the site. For what it’s worth, Tay fans still want her to change her mind.

13. When she accidentally cut her thumb and wrote “13” on the bandage. Taylor Swift’s New Years resolution should be NO MORE BRANDING.

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