The “Wonderstruck” Teaser Has Everything: Taylor Swift, Her Music and a Hot Dude! (Vid)

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WonderstruckIt may not be as teasing as Justin Bieber‘s fragrance commercial, but we’ll take it. We’ve been sniffing magazine ads waiting to get a whiff of Taylor Swift‘s Wonderstruck perfume since we first heard about it the beginning of the summer. But now with this teaser equipped with Tay’s song “Enchanted”  in the background (and a scruffy hot dude!), we’re practically waiting in line for the fragrance already!

If you wanna be wonderstruck by Swifty’s sweet vid, click on!

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Who else is prepped for Taylor Swift’s “Wonderstruck” fragrance? What did you think about her commercial(and the hot guy in it)? Spill in the comments.