How to Perfect the White Dress Trend a la Taylor Swift

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She may be the Queen of Polka Dots on the street, but Taylor Swift‘s no stranger to this clean trend on the red carpet: white dresses. At first we were all like, “Damn, that’s bold,” seeing as how it’s the easiest color to ruin. But now, after watching her strut the RC with the hue again and again, including at this weekend’s BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, we’re calling her out on it — in a good way, obvi. Based on T.Swift’s examples, here’s how you can perfect the style yourself (without looking like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over):

Rock it with a bold lip.
Taylor has an affinity for red, but feel free to change it up.


A little lace goes a long way.
No accessories? Okay. Minimal hairstyling? It’s all good.
The intricate pattern and design are more than enough.


Show off some side.
You don’t have to go for the full-out side boob like Miley Cyrus.
Just a little side…rib(?) goes a long way in T.Swift’s case.


Add metallics and/or glitter.
Even without the gold streaks (and hot cutouts) on her gown,
Tay’s shimmery makeup job makes her an all-over knockout.


Darken up.
Winter white isn’t the only shade of the light pigment…


And finally…

Wear it with an award!
Duh, it’s the best way to make yourself stand out with any dull color.


As for another fun Tay item, watch her take it back to Fearless with her performance of “Love Story” at the 2012 Teen Awards!

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