6 Celeb Covers of “Never Ever Getting Back Together”

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Airwaves and iTunes aren’t the only things Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has been dominating for weeks; it also took over YouTube! TV stars and singers alike sat in front of video cameras and recorded their own rendition of the beloved breakup song. Check out all the covers below, then vote for your fave!

Ryan Beatty
Despite Ryan’s awkward elevator button pushing,
he was able to turn a spiteful pop song into a twangy ballad.

Debby Ryan
Debby and Nick Santino are so effin’ cute singing this cover together.
We want more duets, pronto!

Keegan Allen
So what if it’s, like, a second long? This is pure Toby goodness…

Megan and Liz
Dressing up in fancy dresses and laying in a bed?
Yup, we think Meg and Liz have T.Swift down pat.

Tiffany Alvord
Tiffany def embraced her inner Swifty for this music video.
Sass and girl power, all the way!

Three melodic male voices singing about never getting back together with their GFs? Somehow the song seems more depressing now. Sigh.

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