Taylor Swift Got Snubbed by the 2018 MTV VMAs and Fans Are LIVID

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The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards nominations came out yesterday, but one superstar was noticeably missing from a few major categories. Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” was nominated for Best Art Direction, Best Visual Effects and Best Editing, but the 28-year-old crooner didn’t find her name in any of the big categories, including Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, or Song of the Year. What gives??

Fans are particularly upset by this snub, as Tay actually debuted the ICONIC “Look What You Made Me Do” video at the VMAs last year. And honestly, she deserves better.

One fan tweeted, “No #VMA Video of the Year or Best Pop noms for @taylorswift13 and ‘Look What You Made Me Do?’ Really, @MTV? You draw #VMA viewers by premiering it on your show last year and then don’t give it the recognition it deserves?”

Another adds, “EXCUSE ME? @vmas Taylor Swift did not just bathe in diamonds, drag other artists, use a plane, rode a motorcycle, bring back her old personalities, serve us amazing choreo, and break the 24 hour Vevo record for you to just snub her like that. she clearly had the video of the year.”

Some Swifties, however, came up with a theory that Tay is getting the highly coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard this year, which is why she didn’t get any nominations in the big categories.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “So I bet the reason Taylor didn’t get nominated for Video of the Year is because she is gonna be awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award, right? THAT HAS TO BE WHY! #VMAs”

“LWYMMD” is honestly one of the best things we’ve ever seen and we truly don’t understand how it could NOT be nominated. Like, what. the. eff?!