Taylor Swift Makes Carrying A Gun Look Good In This Hilarious CMT Awards Skit

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So not only did Taylor Swift receive one of the biggest awards at the CMT’s last night, but she also stole the show with this adorbs opening skit featuring Shania Twain called Taylor & Shania (like Thelma and Louise, get it?). Taylor plays pretty much the cutest bad girl we’ve ever seen, carrying around a gun and getting rid of any guy that disrespects her.

And if that’s not enough to make you wanna watch it, we finally get to see Chord Overstreet‘s part in all of this and let’s just say you won’t be disappointed (read: it gets really hot!). We know this was just a fake movie preview, but, um, we’d totes watch it if it were real…

Click on to watch the super funny skit from last night!

What did you think of the skit? Would you want to go on a road trip with Taylor? Tell us in the comments!