Taylor Swift Talks Love and Fairytales to ‘Seventeen’

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Taylor Swift doesn’t just sing about fairy-tales — from the looks of her December/January Seventeen cover, she’s living in one! In a one-shouldered red and gold dress and her signature flowy waves, Taylor looks every bit the princess on the mag as she also did on this month’s cover of Allure — but when does she not?

So, does she still believe in fairy-tale love? Click for our fave tidbits and pics from her Seventeen shoot!

On not always having a guy in her life: “I know it seems like I (always do), but I don’t. My friends aren’t used to me introducing them to a lot of guys. I’m not the girl who always has a boyfriend. I’m the girl who rarely has a boyfriend. But when something is a relationship I feel it, and when something is just a spark I feel it. For me all those feelings are equally important.”

On love being a fairytale: “I will always have a fairy-tale complex. And I know that I’m never going to live on top of a tower and his name won’t be Prince Charming, but he’s going to make me laugh and he’s going to be self-deprecating and endearing and he’ll be fun to hang out with. I think that’s what my idea of Prince Charming has evolved into.”

What’s your idea of Prince Charming? Will you pick up Taylor’s issue of Seventeen? Tell us below!