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Taylor Swift Returns to Country Music with Sugarland Collab, “Babe”

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Taylor Swift just gave some of her biggest OG fans the treat of a lifetime, by taking the country road back to her roots with an epic collab with country music duo, Sugarland.

The new single is called “Babe”, was dropped on Thursday night. Taylor co-wrote the song alongside Train‘s Pat Monahan, and you can clearly hear her backing vocals on the track.

It turns out that Taylor has had this song in her back pocket for quite some time. Originally, it was slated to come out 6 years ago on her 2012 album, Red. Fans on social media have been comparing it to Taylor’s work on Red since it was released, and it was revealed that Taylor, herself, actually presented the song to Sugarland. The duo quickly said yes to the collaboration offer.

Jennifer Nettles, one of the lead singers of Sugarland, said of her collab with Taylor, “This collaboration is the perfect combination of mutual admiration for each other and mutual admiration for great songs, As artists, we really see the world through a similar lens.” Jennifer continued to gush about Taylor, saying, “We have obviously known each other for many years…she was excited we were getting back together and reached out, and said, ‘Hey, I have a song, wanna sing it?’ So we said, ‘Yes’.”

Taylor has slowly transitioned from country to pop music since 2013, so “Babe” is a real treat for those fans who’ve missed her talent for writing hit country ballads and bops ever since!