Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested After His Obsession Turns Threatening

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It’s so sad to say this, but Taylor Swift is no stranger to stalkers. Tim Sweet sent the 26-year-old singer over 735 messages on Twitter from January 2011 to May 2012. Jacob Nicholas Kulke was arrested in December 2012 for travelling to her Nashville residence, jumping a fence and trying to enter the house. Just last May Lucas Vorsteveld, one of the men who was seen stalking her Rhode Island house the year before, was booked by police after he showed up in front of her NYC apartment acting “disoriented” and “emotionally disturbed.” And now, yet another creep who spent tons of time harassing the “New Romantics” crooner is in jail.

Frank Andrew Hoover was arrested in Austin, Texas, yesterday, after avoiding police for nearly a month. Authorities began hunting for the 39-year-old after he followed the “New Romantics” crooner’s motorcade to the airport after a recent concert and told a security guard he was trying to take a picture and travel with her. Upon further investigation, police realized the man violated a lifetime restraining order that had previously been taken out against him after he sent Tay’s dad around 30 disturbing emails from August to October talking about “earthquakes, god, Satan’s lies, forgiveness, job opportunities and partnership.”

Frank also wrote, “Without her, I walk the earth alone forever and she’ll continue to experience failed relationships that break her heart,” and his creepy emails slowly “began escalating into threats.”

The man is accused of violating the protective order (a third-degree felony) and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Stay safe, Tay!


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