Here are the 16 Celebrities We KNOW are Still in Taylor Swift’s Squad

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Taylor Swift Squad Reputation Tour


When we think of Taylor Swift, the first things that come to mind are her Reputation album (obviously), cats and, of course, her squad. Over the years, we’ve watched Taylor’s squad evolve based on who she’d go out with for the occasional dinner, who she’d invite over for her notorious Fourth of July parties and, obvs, who starred in her music videos. But, LBR, making it into Taylor Swift’s squad is a whole different thing than staying in Taylor Swift’s squad. And with most celebs having jam-packed schedules, it can be hard to know for sure which celebs are still 100% in.

Well, have no fear, ladies and gents, because now that the “Delicate” crooner is on tour promoting her album, it’s pretty easy to tell which of her BFFs are still her BFFs based on who has shown up to watch her slay. Think about her high school bestie, Abigail Anderson, for example. Sure, she’s not a celeb, but through every era of Tay’s career, she’s been there to show her support, and that’s what being in the squad is all about! So, are you ready for a complete list of which celebrities are sitting pretty in the squad alongside Abigail and Tay? Take a look: