Ahh, Taylor Swift Gave Shawn Mendes a *Glittery* Makeover Backstage

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Shawn Mendes made a special visit to the Rogers Centre in Toronto on Friday to see his good friends Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello perform. The ladies are currently on the North American leg of Tay’s Reputation tour, so naturally Shawn couldn’t resist hanging back stage with gal pals in his hometown. And Taylor, being the generous backstage host she is, decided to give Shawn a mini makeover with some glittery eye shadow during some pre-show downtime.

What a coincidence, Shawn — this is all WE’VE ever wanted!

Although he didn’t debut his new look on stage that evening, it’s not the first time Shawn’s come to visit Taylor on tour. In May, he surprised fans at her Reputation show in Pasadena when he came out in the middle of the concert to perform his hit banger, “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back.”

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And who could forget when he opened up for Taylor on her 1989 tour back in 2015? He’s certainly come a long way since then. Next year we’ll get to see Shawn on a world tour of his own, and in just a few weeks he’s set to perform “In My Blood” at the 2018 VMAs. The music video for the song is nominated for three awards, including best pop video.

Finger’s crossed he’ll rock Tay’s glittery eye shadow look when he takes that VMAs stage, because we’re more than ready for 80s Glam Rock to make a comeback.