Taylor Swift Did an Acoustic Cover of “September,” But Twitter Isn’t Thrilled

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Taylor Swift‘s improved relationship with Spotify has brought us many gifts, including her adding all of her songs back onto the platform and releasing an acoustic version of “Delicate.” But the 28-year-old’s most recent contribution to the streaming company has not been as well received: an acoustic cover of Earth, Wind & Fire‘s classic hit, “September.”

The cover was recorded at the Tracking Room in the Nashville where Tay did a surprise gig at the Bluebird Cafe, which loyal Swifties know as the place where she was first discovered more than 10 years ago. Twitter obviously reacted immediately to the release, with many many people bashing her country rendition of the classic funk/soul song.

One user tweeted, “No one who respects Earth Wind and Fire or funk music would ever cover a song like that with banjoes. No one who loves that song would take a classic and make is sound like unseasoned chicken.”

Another user roasted TS’ tune by saying, “I don’t even think they play this in hell.”

Someone else responded with the incredibly visceral comment, “I’d rather stick a screwdriver in my ear and keep pushing until it pierces my soul.”

Even Taylor’s fans had issues with it, with one posting, “I am a famously unapologetic lover of Taylor Swift but her cover of September by Earth Wind and Fire has actually upset me.”

Of course, the reactions weren’t all 100% negative and some people did actually like the cover. One Swiftie wrote, “Wow @taylorswift13’s cover of September, suddenly i am frolicking in a field of sunflowers in a pale blue dress with my non existent boyfriend, he lifts me up & we twirl in the sunflowers & probably get an allergic reaction but we don’t care because there never was a cloudy day.”

Another adoringly posted, “Excuse me everyone, @taylorswift13” cover of September makes me wish I was in love?? Or like ever ever in love? How does she do this?”

Although Taylor’s intentions were undoubtedly in the right place, she’ll probably think twice before changing an iconic song’s genre entirely next time.