6 Amazing Times Taylor Swift Sent Flowers to Another Celebrity

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In the past year, Taylor Swift sent flowers to SO MANY different celebs for a variety of different reasons. And although she always appears to be involved in a celebrity feud, there’s no denying that she has a bunch of pretty loyal (and super-famous) friends, too! Don’t believe us? Just look at her squad! From Ruby Rose to Karlie Kloss and, of course, Gigi Hadid, Taylor has managed to create lifelong friendships despite being one of the most-talked-about celebrities in the world. But, even with a stellar squad of bad-ass women, the drama still seems to follow T.S. around like a desperate little puppy dog no matter what she does.

Thats right! It’s no secret that Tay has had beef with a lot of different celebrities over her 10-year-long career, but one in particular definitely stands out: the highly publicized feud between her and Kanye West. If this isn’t ringing a bell, where have you been?! Their feud has now been going on for a whopping EIGHT YEARS and counting, and now, even his wifey, Kim Kardashian, is involved. The good news is, Taylor’s making BANK from being Kanye’s arch-nemesis by releasing songs like “Look What You Made Me Do” and shooting straight to the top of the charts. Look what you made her do, Kanye! Look. What. You. Made. Her. Do.

While it’s true that Taylor has now, in many ways, become known for being involved in some petty, petty celeb-on-celeb tiffs, she still always makes sure that the people she admires, including her friends, know how much she cares! Her go-to? Sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate an accomplishment, a birthday or, you know… just because! So, while we’re pondering all the ways we can become BFFs with the 27-year-old crooner, why don’t you check out our list of six times Taylor Swift sent flowers to another celebrity for doing a thing. We are SO jealous, TBH.