Man Arrested After Swimming to Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Beach House

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We’ve seen fans do some crazy things to get the attention of their idols. One Smiler was caught on Miley Cyrus‘ property with a pair of scissors in hand. A Belieber attacked Justin Bieber on stage in Dubai. And the madness continues as an obsessed Swiftie was found — and arrested — for swimming to one of Taylor Swift‘s homes.

TMZ reports that an unidentified 22-year-old male from Chicago was taken into custody for trespassing after police spotted him getting out of the ocean near the country singer’s home in Rhode Island. Allegedly, the fan told the cops he’d just “completed a swim in which he intended to meet Taylor.” P.S. It’s “roughly 2 miles round trip in cold water” from where he came from.

Details of the “22” crooner’s new real estate emerged at the end of April after she was spotted house-hunting in Westerly, RI. Taylor reportedly dropped $17.75 million — a bargain since the mansion was listed at $20 million — for the piece of property, which is located one mile from where the trespasser was located on the beach.

This isn’t the first time Tay’s dealt with a stalker situation. On her 23rd birthday, 24-year-old Jacob Kulke was arrested for the same crime as the aforementioned. At the time, he told officials that he’d come to town to celebrate T.Swift’s big day. Fortunately, she wasn’t home during the event.

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