Taylor’s Reputation Tour Could Be the Top-Selling Tour of ALL TIME

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Taylor Swift is already having a better 2018 than anyone, because it’s been reported that her Reputation tour is on track to become the highest selling tour of all time!

On New Year’s Day, The New York Post posted an article titled, “Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Shaping Up to be a Disaster.” In the article, the outlet reported that ticket prices for Reputation are much higher than previous tours, quoting a Twitter user who lamented, “I paid $150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the 1989 tour. Now for the same seats I have to pay about $500.” YIKES!

The report also commented that the tour has yet to sellout in any city, with one insider telling the newspaper, “There are hundreds if not thousands of tickets left for every show.”

Well, that may all be true, but according to another music insider, Taylor is actually on track to have one of the top selling tours of all time!

According to Billboard, “Swift is using a strategy deployed by Jay-Z and bands like the Rolling Stones — price tickets high and have seats available on the primary market up until the day of show. That means few, if any, early sellouts but huge revenues, as tickets, especially premium seats, are marked up much higher than previous tours.” Taylor sold $180 million dollars worth of tickets in the first seven days of sales, and David Marcus, the executive VP and head of music at Ticketmaster, told Billboard, “We’re not trying to sell all of her tickets in one minute; we’re trying to figure out how to sell tickets in a more modern way.”

Of course, not everyone is happy about Taylor’s tour-selling strategy. Some fans are arguing that by paying so much more for Taylor’s tickets, they may not be able to purchase tickets for other concerts or games for the remainder of the year. That being said, Taylor has always been as much of a businesswoman as she is a talented artist, and we can’t really blame her for simply using the same strategies that other artists have previously used in order to make that money. While it’s understandable that some fans are upset, at the end of the day we can’t blame Taylor for always knowing and sticking to what she feels she’s worth.

So, if these high-priced tickets aren’t enough to scare you away from seeing Tay slay on her Reputation Tour, there are still plenty of seats available for purchase, and Taylor just announced even more dates! Those tickets will be available for pre-sale on January 23rd, and will go on sale on January 31st! BRB, gotta go sell everything I own before January 23rd!