15 Creative AF Costumes Fans Wore to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

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Back in May, Taylor Swift embarked on her biggest tour yet, and if you’ve been following along on social media, you know that all the diehard Swifties show up to the Reputation Tour in jaw-dropping costumes. Not only do fans do this out of pure excitement for the show, but they also do it in hopes of receiving an invite to the coveted “Rep Room” after the show, where they’d get to meet Tay herself!

Now that we’re more than two months into the tour, it’s safe to say that the costumes keep getting better and more creative at each show. Yup! Competition is FIERCE, so if you’re planning on going, you’re going to need some fashion inspo. Luckily, we’ve set aside some of the most creative AF costumes we’ve seen so far:

…Are you ready for it?