15 Reputation Tattoos Only Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fans Will Appreciate

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taylor swift reputation tattoos

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Taylor Swift‘s “thing” during the 1989 World Tour was to bring out special guests, but her “thing” during the Reputation World Tour is to surprise fans with a secret song each night. When the 28-year-old was performing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 14, she decided to do “Treacherous” in honor of a fan she met who had lyrics from the tune tattooed on his arm. Pretty cool, right?

But the Swiftie who inspired this secret song definitely isn’t the only one who got a permanent tribute to Tay tattooed. In fact, SO many people have T.Swift ink that we simply couldn’t show you all the incredible art without this post being, like, a million years long. But what we can do is show some of the coolest tats Taylor’s fans got in honor of her most recent album, Reputation. Yes, including lots and lots of snakes.