The 10 Times Taylor Swift Didn’t Wear a White Dress on the Red Carpet

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Taylor Swift is the Queen of the White (or Glittery Gold) Dress; it’s pretty much her trademark. Over the course of the past year, she’s worn one on the red carpet at least 16 times. (We’ve done our homework.) However, although she’s known for wearing the innocent, (non-)color, there are still a good amount of times — two handfuls, to be exact — where she didn’t don her signature hue, including at last night’s CMAs. And we’ve got ’em all for ya…

Check out the 10 times the “Red” singer actually ditched her go-to white in the last 365 days, and tried on something new for a change. Do you prefer her glittery gowns? Or are you feelin’ the 23-year-old with at least a hint of color? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Taylor Swift message board!