Taylor Swift Duets With Jon Bon Jovi and Prince William (!) For ‘Living on a Prayer’

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It's not every day you get to hang out with a rock legend and the future King of England, but for Taylor Swift, it was just another Tuesday. The 23-year-old singer was in London for a charity gala thrown by Prince William, and during the reception, she got on the mic with him and Jon Bon Jovi for a rousing rendition of his classic song "Living on a Prayer."

Um, epic much? The duet (tripet?) seemed to be a bit of a surprise to all the party goers, as Bon Jovi started the song off by himself, then Taylor and Prince William joined in after the first few lines of the song. Prince William might be one of the most powerful men out there, but you can tell he was quite nervous! Too cute! Also, according to People, "The impromptu concert was described by William's aides as completely 'off the cuff.'"

Taylor was looking like a princess herself in a gorgeous white gown. This has really been her year, hasn't it?

Watch the video for yourself above! What do YOU think of this collab? Sound off in the comments section!

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