6 Times Taylor Swift Kinda-Sorta Made a Political Statement

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There hasn’t been a shortage of Taylor Swift statements lately — far from it! With the release of her Reputation album this week, we’ve got lots of new info about the people in her life. We know she might have left Calvin Harris for Tom Hiddleston, she clearly isn’t over her Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rivalry and she is head over heels for her 26-year-old boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, if the 11 songs about him on the 15-track album are anything to go by.

When it comes to coming clean on rivalries and relationship, the “…Ready for It?” singer has always been an open book. That’s why most of Tay’s albums read like burn books where she opens up to her fans about her bad breakups and disses anyone who has done her wrong. “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” was clearly an angry ode to Jake Gyllenhaal, and anyone listening knew Harry Styles was the inspo behind basically the entirety of the blonde crooner’s 1989 CD. The girl’s just not afraid of airing her dirty laundry.

But in terms of politics, Taylor’s been notoriously silent. It’s hard to know exactly where the 27-year-old musician stands on certain issues, which became extra apparent in 2016 during the election. Fans were dying to know whether Tay was pro-Donald Trump or pro-Hillary Clinton, but she kept her lips zipped tight. It didn’t matter how much backlash she faced — she wasn’t talking.

That’s not to say Tay has kept quiet when it comes to every controversial topic. She’s spoken out as a feminist and an LGBTQ advocate, but isn’t pleasing anybody with that either. The public has been quick to point out how lukewarm her efforts are, especially considering the massive platform she has, calling them surface-level. But with the sixth highest number of Instagram followers this year — 104 million — maybe it’s time Taylor shares more of her opinions than she did in each of these eh instances: