Taylor Swift Shares Her Writing Process & Reveals Original “Gorgeous” Lyrics

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Taylor Swift is taking fans inside her very own creative space, as she documents the writing process behind her newest single, “Gorgeous,” and even shares some of its original lyrics — so if you’ve ever wondered what a page in Taylor’s diary looks like, consider this your lucky day.

She may be a pro at saying what we’re all thinking, but lo and behold, sometimes it takes not one, but a gazillion attempts to get the perfect lyrics. In an all-new exclusive release from her partnership with AT&T, Tay is treating fans to a day in the life of her songwriting process.

In the first 11-minute video, she records herself plugging in different lyrics to her song “Gorgeous,” and even reveals some of the track’s original lyrics of the chorus that read, “You’re so gorgeous // And I ain’t just talkin’ about your face, but look at your face // And I’m so curious // Your mind got me feelin’ some type of way // But what can I say? // You’re gorgeous.”

But the inside look doesn’t stop there — we should all take it as a compliment that Taylor will be releasing her songwriting process as an entire AT&T Now series. She took to Instagram this morning to share the news about the series along with studio photos, and even gave fans another glimpse into the next episode featuring breakdowns of her other two singles, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready for It?” off her Reputation album.

So not only do we have this series to look forward to in the coming weeks, but earth to Swifties (who probably already know this, of course), there’s only NINE MORE DAYS until the release of Reputation, so GET. EXCITED.