Taylor Swift Seriously Disappoints Fans Everywhere With Just One Move

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It’s been over a month since Taylor Swift announced that “New Romantics” would be the SEVENTH single from 1989, so the fact that there hasn’t yet been an accompanying music video is really confusing. Just as fans were beginning to lose hope that the 25 year old was actually going to release a video, she dropped a bomb —

HELLLLLLOOOOO, “NEW ROMANTICS” VIDEO! But waitasecond — something’s wrong. Just like Little Mix did with their last MV, Taylor decided to only release her latest on Apple Music, meaning that all those who don’t subscribe to the service can’t watch. As expected, Swifties are pissed that “New Romantics” is only available to a small amount of people:

Additionally, other are even more upset that the video is just a compilation of clips from the 1989 World Tour, rather than being a legit video like “Out of the Woods” or “Style.”

We know Tay has a great relationship with Apple Music following her emotional open letter, but we seriously hope she releases the video on a public forum ASAP; we wanna watch!!

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