Ranking Every One of Taylor Swift’s Music Video Kisses from So-So to Sexy

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When it comes to Taylor Swift‘s music videos about love (which, let’s face it, most are), you can be sure to expect major hotties to be included. Stephen Colletti, Lucas Till, Dom Sherwood, Scott Eastwood — yes, yes, yes and YES, PLEASE! What you can’t always expect, however, is the ~*MaGiC*~ of a kiss to be included.

While you may think you can find plenty of footage of the 25-year-old singer making out with her on-screen love interests, that’s actually not the case. In fact, despite getting remarkably close to hooking up in the videos for “Love Story,” “White Horse” and others, she’s only locked lips with a total of six, count ’em, SIX cuties. And we’re here to rank every single one of ’em on a sexiness scale. Oddly enough, they’re actually in release chronological order:

6. “Tim McGraw” — It should make sense that Taylor’s first-ever music video kiss — from her first-ever music video, actually — features her most innocent smooch of all. It’s sweet, we’ll give ’em that, but sexy? Not so much. HOWEVER, in the behind-the-scenes footage that seems to have been deleted from the final cut, there was a much steamier lip-lock… in water. Maybe it was too steamy for her 16-year-old self to show?

5. “You Belong With Me” — Still during Tay’s more pure days, what makes her kiss with Lucas Till a bit hotter than the one she shared with Clayton Collins in “Tim McGraw” is that Taylor actually dated Lucas after, so you know there had to be more chemistry. And, considering he revealed that he spent years crushin’ on the then-country crooner prior to his casting, we bet he put his best into their intimate moment.

4. “Mine” — Although you didn’t hear it in the footage, T.Swift’s “Mine” love interest, Toby Hemingway, has a British accent, so INSTANT HOTNESS. Plus, look how he grabs her face; he’s going in for the kill.

3. “I Knew You Were Trouble”Reeve Carney portrays the quintessential bad boy in “IKYWT,” meaning his smooches with Taylor were filled with fire and passion.

2. “Blank Space” — “Blank Space” stud Sean O’Pry is a freaking model IRL, so he’s got the heartthrob thing on lock. When he and Tay first kiss in the music video, there is clear attraction. What kicks up the sexy meter to the next level is, later on in the MV, Taylor actually bites his lip! Spell it with us now, H-O-T.

1. “Wildest Dreams” — It a given that Scott Eastwood is sexy AF. But what makes their makeout scenes the #1 on our list is the surrounding scenes: in a tent with their clothes coming off, outside in the rain… You, honestly, cannot get any sexier.

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