6 Hotties Who Starred in Taylor Swift’s Music Videos Before They Were Famous

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Taylor Swift is legendary when it comes to music videos. Let’s face it, she’s pretty legendary when it comes to music in general, but her videos are over-the-top amazing. They are SO good that you can’t help but watch them over and over again. Come on, you know you counted down the days until T-Swift released her latest 1989 video for “Wildest Dreams” and it was definitely worth the wait.

The “Style” singer can do no wrong when it comes to her videos and their star studded casts. If having her BFFs (aka her girl squad) in her video for “Bad Blood” wasn’t cool enough, almost all of her other videos have featured total hotties. Some of these ridiculously good looking video hunks went on to become BIG stars and Swifty knew them way before that happened. Check out which of Tay-Tay’s music video men rose to fame after appearing in her vids now: