13 Famous Models Who Were Once Part of Taylor Swift’s Squad

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It’s been almost four years since Taylor Swift‘s ~squad~ became a thing when she hosted her first Fourth of July party. The celebration was packed with some of the most famous celebrities and, if you didn’t notice, almost all of them were models. Over the years the squad has lost and added members, and it has been somewhat difficult to keep track of who is in and who is out.

There was a time when we couldn’t go a day without seeing something to do with the squad and we HAD to know how everyone met Taylor and got included in the elite friend group. As previously mentioned, one thing we noticed was that about 90% of Tay’s current and former friends have a background in modeling. Whether they’re a true supermodel or have worked with some major fashion labels, it seems like to get the seal of approval from T.Swift, you have to have a killer runway walk. We rounded up all of Taylor’s past and current squad members who are models and we suddenly feel the urge to binge-watch America’s Next Top Model: