10 of Taylor Swift’s Most Embarrassing Excuses for Not Having a Boyfriend

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Tumblr (the-ellen-show)

Tumblr (the-ellen-show)

It’s not exactly a shocker when Taylor Swift talks about dating and relationships. Heck, she’s practically dated all of young Hollywood. (The latest is supposedly hottie Douglas Booth. Sigh.) But, after a recent interview with Hello! magazine, we’re noticing a pattern with the 23-year-old singer — girl always makes excuses for living in singledom.

First off, no one needs a reason to not have a boyfriend; some are perfectly happy not being in a relationship. But, if T.Swift’s songs are any indication, she basically needs a significant other at least for a short while if only for her song lyrics. So, we scrounged up some of her most hilarious and/or embarrassing excuses for her lack of a love life.

NOTE: This is meant to be in good fun, and not to be taken seriously. Well, at least not entirely.