10 Signs You’re on the Taylor Swift Emotional Roller Coaster

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Taylor Swift. Where do we even begin to explain our relationship with her? You see, over the years, there have been moments where she has annoyed us to no end, but then there are other moments when we just want to be her best friend. It's kind of like she's your sister, ya know? You laugh, you argue, but then you make up like nothing ever happened.

Yes, she sends us on a constant roller coaster of emotions, and if you don't believe us, we broke down said roller coaster in GIF for for you viewing pleasure. Scroll below to see!

1. You hear about yet another rumored relationship and roll your eyes…


2. …but then you hear "Red" and start jamming like you've never jammed before.


3. You see her wearing red lipstick over AND over again and it's like, other lipstick colors exist, ya know…


4. …but then eventually get yourself some because it's such a classic.


5. You see her pimping out Keds and Diet Coke and think "Great, another celebrity endorsement…"


6. …but then a few days later you find yourself wanting (and prob buying) both.


7. You get annoyed when she constantly posts pics with her BFFs like Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, Dianna Agron, and more…


8. …then secretly wish you were BFFs with them, too.


9. You see her dancing super awkwardly at an awards show…


10. …but then you realize she has a front row seat to Hollywood's biggest events and let the jealously sink in.


Are you in a love/hate relationship with Taylor like we are? Sound off in the comments section!


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