Taylor Swift Lookalike Xenna Kristian Abused by Harry Styles Fans

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Twitter (@XennaKristian)

Twitter (@XennaKristian)

Sometimes, it pays to look like a celebrity. Jacob Skelton and Robin Verrecas are evidence of that after getting stopped in their tracks on numerous occasions from fawning females for looking like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, respectively. However, sometimes being a famous doppelganger has its price…

Meet 19-year-old Xenna Kristian, an actress who works professionally as a Taylor Swift lookalike. Obviously, looking like a celeb has its perks. (She gets money for having similar features as T.Swift. That’s nuts!) But there’s a downside as well.

She tells SWNS, “Most people are really nice, but in December I suddenly started getting the odd nasty shout from young girls. At first I was a bit taken aback, but then I realized they were shouting things like ‘leave Harry alone’ or ‘Harry is mine’.” She adds, “My friends found it hilarious that Directioners actually thought I was Taylor Swift and were abusing me.”

Fortunately for One Direction fanatics who didn’t ship Haylor (or who just have a problem with Hazza dating anyone in general), Xenna says he’s all yours: “Harry isn’t really my type. He is okay I suppose, but I’m into rough and ready guys and he has got a bit of a baby face.”

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