7 Signs Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Are No Longer BFFs

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Once upon a time, Taylor Swift had a girl squad that joined her on stage at concerts and sung her praises on Twitter every time she released a single. They even appeared in her “Bad Blood” music video for an epic battle that rivaled some scenes on Game of Thrones. But even with all of those lovely ladies at her side, the 28-year-old singer was especially close to one of her squad members. (Hint: She was the one wearing the boxing gloves in the vid).

Model Karlie Kloss and T.Swift were so close that some people started wondering whether or not they were more than friends — especially after a photo surfaced of them (maybe) kissing at a 1975 concert. But now? Nothing.

These leggy blondes went from inseparable besties who were constantly spotted out and about to… *crickets*. And lately they’ve gone from simply not being around each other to subtly dissing each other. You’d never notice if you weren’t looking — so it’s a good thing we’ve got our eye on these maybe-feuding gals.