WTF? Taylor Swift’s Been Dating a Guy for MONTHS & No One Had Any Idea!!!

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So, you know how it seems like Taylor Swift dropped off the planet in 2017? Like, apart from her “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video with Zayn Malik for Fifty Shades Darker, she’s been M.I.A. — you HAD to have noticed that. Anyway, the reason isn’t just because she’s trying to stay out of the spotlight after her reputation took a massive hit, courtesy of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, in 2016 — it’s ’cause she’s been secretly dating someone… while wearing disguises!

According to The Sun‘s Bizarre column, the 27-year-old “New Romantics” singer filled in her ~blank space~ with rising British actor Joe Alwyn. Here’s a picture:



Oh, and it’s supposedly not a just a fling either. “Taylor and Joe are the real deal,” reports The Sun, “this is a very serious relationship.” What keeps them under wraps, though, is the spectacle caused by her last relationship. “[A]fter what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.”

But how, exactly, have they been getting away with their secret romance? Well, remember those disguises we mentioned… “She’s been walking around with Joe in London using disguises, like scarves and hats, to keep her identity under wraps,” the site adds. “Nobody has a clue they’ve been walked past a music superstar.”

Wow… Well… Congrats to them!
Before Joe — or even Tom or Calvin — Taylor racked up quite the dating timeline: