Intruder Arrested Outside Taylor Swift’s Home After Her 23rd Birthday

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Facebook (Taylor Swift)

Facebook (Taylor Swift)

Early this morning, 24-year-old Jacob Kulke was arrested for trespassing outside Taylor Swift‘s home, claiming that he took a bus all the way from Wisconsin just to be with the singer for her 23rd birthday.

According to TMZ, he told police he had been in contact with someone at the home via social media and he came to town to celebrate Swift’s birthday.”

Now, the man, who was convicted of battery, disorderly conduct and drug possession in the past, is in jail held on a $10,000 bond.

But where was Tay when this all went down? Reports are saying that it’s still unknown, but that she was visiting the UK’s Lake District with Harry Styles earlier in the week — did you hear about the cupcakes he got her? — so it’s still a possibility that she was in Europe at the time of the incident.

Coincidentally, she opened up about stalkers in her recent cover spread with Cosmo UK, stating: “I get nervous when I have stalker incidents. I try not to talk too much about it because it scares me. Sometimes you get a dude who kind of wants to steal you. That’s why I’m so grateful I have people looking after me, like [my bodyguard] Dennis.”

Hopefully, she can rest ‘safe & sound’ knowing that Jacob Kulke is behind bars. What do you think of the latest news? Leave a note in the comments below or on our Taylor Swift message board!

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