Taylor Swift Basically Wrote One Song For Every Week She Dated Harry Styles

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We’ve seen Taylor Swift write her fair share of no-so-subtle songs about her ex-boyfriends in the past, but nothing compares to the tunes she wrote for her upcoming album, 1989. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tay alluded that four of the tracks on the new album are about none other than One Direction member, Harry Styles.

The first, and probably most obvious of the bunch, is literally called “Style,” and is about “about a guy with slicked-back hair and a white T-shirt and a girl in a tight little skirt.”

“Out of the Woods” is another incredibly interesting story about a time she got into a snowmobile accident with an ex (Harry), and wound up having to go to the hospital. The lyrics read, “Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/ Twenty stitches in a hospital room.”

Wondering how Harry and Taylor made a trip to the emergency room without making national headlines? She also added, “You know what I’ve found works even better than an NDA? Looking someone in the eye and saying, ‘Please don’t tell anyone about this.'”

For those of you not aware, a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is a contract that parties sign confirming they wont talk about something. Ouch.

Rounding out the HS-themed songs are “I Wish You Would,” about a guy literally buying a house a few blocks from hers (!?!?) and “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” about someone who just wouldn’t commit.

We. Cannot. WAIT. For. 1989! Are you dying over this news? WDYT about the new songs? Tell us in the comments!

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