REPORT: Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Are Back On. Would You Ship Haylor 2.0?

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WENNIf the latest Haylor rumors are true, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are back on! We knew that they could stand to be in the same room as each other, considering they both posed for a picture with mutual pal Ed Sheeran after this year's VMAs, but we certainly weren't expecting a full-blown reunion to occur.

According to MSN, the singers, who reportedly broke up after the holidays in January of this year, are rekindling their romance on the DL. The outlet reports that "Harry has never really gotten over Taylor and thinks she is gorgeous. He is going to spend some serious time with her in the run up to Christmas and New Year['s]."

"They still have feelings for each other. She's definitely still in love with him and he's got a massive soft spot for her. They'll see how it works at Christmas and make it official in the New Year."

This buzz comes just after the reports that the "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" crooner is house-hunting for a home in London just minutes away from Harry's casa. "When Taylor confided in Harry during a phone conversation how she wanted to live somewhere close to him in North London whilst she was in Europe working, Harry quickly was on hand to help."

If the latest is to be believed, how would you feel about it? Would you ship Haylor 2.0? Or do you think they're better off apart? Don't hold back — spill in the comments below!

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