The Grammys Rocked! But Where The Heck Was Taylor Swift?

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Last year, Taylor Swift pretty much made the Grammys, winning 4 major awards, performing with the legendary Stevie Nicks, and topping Best Dressed lists everywhere thanks to her gorgeous mermaid-esque sparkly sheath. So why was Taylor, who’s clearly a huge part of the music industry, missing at this year’s big event?

Well, we did some very heavy Googling investigative reporting and found out that…

Taylor’s album, “Speak Now,” was totally Grammy worthy, selling over a million copies when it got released in October. But that’s exactly it — the album was released in October, making its release date too late to be considered for a Grammy Award for 2011. So unfair!

But why didn’t Taylor at least present at this year’s show? Or perform? Or something? That would’ve been impossible, considering Taylor tweeted that she’s currently on her “Speak Now” tour in Asia, of all places:

“So it’s the morning of the 13th in Osaka, Japan. I love it when it’s the 13th!”

And the Grammys were on the 13th! Totally would’ve been Taylor’s lucky night, had she been there. Bumsville.

Did you miss Taylor at the Grammys? Do you think she should’ve been nominated for “Speak Now?” Tell us!