7 of Taylor Swift’s Former Friends Who Are Now Kanye West Supporters

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It’s been more than a couple weeks since Kim Kardashian set the record straight about Kanye West‘s lyrics from his song, “Famous,” by posting videos of the phone call he had with Taylor Swift on Snapchat, yet people still can’t stop talking about it. Everyone proceeded to lose their minds and began to take sides, which led to tons of celebs tweeting their thoughts on the whole feud and voicing off on how the whole thing could have easily been avoided. Taylor’s response to the Snapchat video quickly became a meme sensation and made everyone question the popstar’s intentions.

T.Swift’s squad quickly came to her rescue, posting that everyone needs to focus on more important matters, but it didn’t always go the way they planned. Although tons of her friends stood by her side, some of the 26-year-old singer’s (former) pals didn’t show the same loyalty. Here are of the singer’s so-called friends who are Team Kanye: