All of Taylor Swift’s Friends Who Don’t Want to Join Her Squad

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Yes, you read that correctly. There are actual human beings who don’t want to join Taylor Swift‘s world-famous Girl Squad. #squadlife has serious perks: from attending exclusive slumber parties at Tay’s NYC apartment to appearing on stage at her sold-out shows. The singer’s crew boasts some of Hollywood’s hottest young stars — Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid… do we really need to go on?

Joining this crew is almost impossible; it’s not exactly easy to become buddy-buddy with an the icon that is Taylor. That’s why it’s so surprising that some stars, who easily could squad up with Tay, have no interest at all! TBH, their reasoning is pretty solid. Maybe joining the Queen Bee’s clique isn’t the best idea after all. Find out why these celebs aren’t waiting for a squad invite, and then decide if you agree with them:

1. Zendaya — After Zendaya showed up looking fierce AF in Tay’s “Bad Blood” music video, it seemed safe to assume that she had officially joined the crew. But months later, she shut those rumors down in an interview, saying, “My squad?! What is my squad? I don’t really have a squad, I just have friends.” She also said that her best guy friend is “not an industry kid; I don’t do industry kids” — hinting that she doesn’t like to get too close to famous friends.

Even so, we know that Taylor has nothing but love for Zendaya. She enthusiastically Instagrammed this behind-the-scenes cut of Z before the music video’s release:

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2. Kellie Pickler — Kellie and Taylor have been friends for years. They first got to know each other almost a decade ago, in 2007, and even toured together in 2009. But Kellie recently confirmed that, despite their love for each other, she’s definitely not interested in joining Taylor’s famous posse. “I’m not a part of any squad, per se,” she said in an interview. “I just kind of do my own thing.” Nothing wrong with that!



3. Jennifer Lawrence — Jen has a pretty valid reason why she can’t join Tay’s crew: She already has her own! J.Law is definitely one of the most well-liked women in Hollywood, so nobody should be shocked that she already has her own established crowd. It was big news last year when Amy Schumer officially joined the pack. Plus, Jen hangs with Emma Stone and Liam Hemsworth… Is it messed up to admit that her squad might be cooler than Tay’s?



4. Rihanna — Rihanna and Tay have always been friends, even though RiRi is tight with Tay’s known enemy, Katy Perry. The two are major female powerhouses in the music industry and have total respect for each other, but according to Rihanna, it just “wouldn’t make sense” to join Taylor’s squad. She explained, “I don’t think our brands are the same. I don’t think they match; I don’t think our audiences are the same.” She added a sweet compliment, “In my mind, she’s a role model. I’m not.”

Even though she’s not into the squad life, there’s clearly no animosity between these two. Rihanna and Taylor’s BF, Calvin Harris, recently collaborated on a new song, and Tay recently Instagrammed a video of herself rocking out to Rihanna’s Coachella set. After the performance, they shared an excited hug backstage. Obsessed.

5. Ellen Pompeo — The Grey’s Anatomy star was completely thrilled to be included in the “Bad Blood” music video, but she knew she would never want to officially join the squad. Her reason? She’s too old! That’s what she told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview in February 2016. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Ellen! You were still cool enough for Taylor to Instagram a hot pic of you ahead of the video release. Also, never forget that she named her cat after Ellen’s character, Meredith Grey.

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