Where are They Now? All of Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriends

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Taylor Swift Exes


Throughout her more-than-a-decade-long career, Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of heat for her love life, and has often been referred to as a serial dater. Although we have to respectfully disagree with that statement, she has been in some relationships that just haven’t panned out in the way that she originally hoped… and that’s okay!

From her high school years until now, Taylor’s been linked to actors, musicians and even some of her former schoolmates. That’s right! On many occasions, Tay has even name-dropped or made clear references to her exes, making us wonder what they did to destroy the relaysh in the first place. However, now that we’re years out from many of these failed relationships and Tay is obsessed with her current bae, Joe Alwyn, the only thing that’s really left to wonder about is what her old boyfriends are up to nowadays. So, if you’re at all curious to find out what TayTay’s exes are up to, look no further because we’ve got ’em all right here: