Taylor Swift: “Wine Makes Me Feel Classy;” Plus New Partnership Details

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If it doesn’t taste like sparkles, Taylor Swift doesn’t care for it. That’s exactly what she implies in her latest interview for Esquire magazine‘s “Women We Love” feature, which makes sense, since she’s, like, the Queen of Glitz & Sparkles (among other things). And that’s not all she admits about drinking…

When the interviewee asks if she’s a fan of smoky Scotch, she replies, “Wine sometimes, because it makes me feel classy, but not Scotch. Not yet.”

Taylor Swift talking about consuming alcohol? We never could’ve pictured it. But considering how much she revealed in the recent “Hot List” edition of Rolling Stone, we’re guessing she’s not much for holding back any longer. And we totally appreciate that! Though, we’re also thankful for the other nuggets of information she bestows in the spread: “This is breaking news, but there are a few happy songs on [my Red] album. I do explore the emotion every once in a while. I’d like to think you don’t stop being creative once you get happy. My ultimate goal is to end up being happy. Most of the time.”

Since we’re on the subject of Red, to commemorate its October 22 release, she just announced that she’s teamed up with Keds shoes to create limited-edition red Champions. In her statement, she says, “I’m so excited to be partnering with Keds. I’ve been a fan of Keds for years because they have two of my favorite elements of great style — they’re classic and effortless.”


For more of Taylor’s interview, visit Esquire.com or pick up the November 2012 issue of Esquire, and make sure to tell us what you think of her new shoewear!

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