Taylor Swift Teases “End Game” Music Video with Ed Sheeran and Future

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Taylor Swift‘s latest single may be called “End Game,” but after just releasing the 20-second trailer for the “End Game” music video, dropping TONIGHT at midnight, TayTay is clearly just gettin’ started.

That’s right, Swifties! At midnight Eastern Time, Taylor is set to drop the full music video for “End Game,” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, but for now, she so-kindly provided us with a 20-second preview, which premiered earlier today on Good Morning America.

In the clip, Taylor can be seen taking part in all sorts of activities, like speeding in cars, riding on motorcycles, cruising on a yacht, walking along the beach, and partying with some friends at a bar. And speaking of friends, what would a Taylor Swift music video be without a few of her most famous besties?

Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMusicVideo @future @teddysphotos

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Not only are Ed and Future featured on the track, but they can also be seen in multiple scenes throughout the music video teaser. This leads us to one v important question: WHERE THE HECK WAS OUR INVITE?!

Although the clip doesn’t give us much more info than that, what we do know is that the music video is bound to be explosive (HELLOOO, fireworks!). Taylor also teased the 20-second clip by posting a photo on her social media app prior to the teaser’s release, where she was seen sitting on a bar top while texting the guy who, we have to assume, is her quote-unquote, “End Game.”